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Turkey performance and welfare in spotlight at the World Turkey Science and Production Conference

Not only is TECHNA supporting the Turkey Science and Production Conference for the 2nd consecutive year but as part of this 12th edition, one of its experts will also be giving a presentation on turkey production at the crossroads of performance and welfare. Held from March 21st to 23rd in North West England, this event is a leading conference and meeting point for the European turkey industry.

The Turkey Science and Production Conference, a world class event for turkey production

turkey production conference performance welfare meat yield No doubt that the world’s who’s who of turkey production will soon be meeting in the small city of Chester, England for the 12th edition of the Turkey Science and Production Conference. This, the first world event to be exclusively dedicated to turkey production, will take place from March 21st-23rd, 2018.

It aims to provide an opportunity for members of the European turkey industry, suppliers and ancillary bodies to be updated on the latest scientific research and production trends.

This 3-day event has grown from 150 delegates ten years ago to 327 in 2017! Every year, it becomes the meeting point of an ever larger proportion of the international turkey community, including turkey breeders, commercial growers, hatchery companies as well as veterinary specialists.

TECHNA & the turkey conference: 2nd time sponsor, 1st time speaker!

The TECHNA group has been a faithful sponsor of the Turkey Science and Production Conference for almost 3 years. As a leader in the French turkey industry, the TECHNA feed expertise company now wishes to bring its well-honed expertise in turkey nutrition, long renowned in France, to an international level. In this context, Emmanuel Amprou, head of TECHNA poultry department will be giving a presentation on Friday, March 23rd at 10 am on the effect of dietary lysine and energy levels for heavy turkeys.

What are the impacts of lysine intake on growth and breast meat yield and welfare criteria in turkey farms?

It is well known that feed accounts for 70% of the total cost of poultry production. Optimisation of protein intake, via the concept of ideal protein, and a good balance between energy and protein intake are crucial to the competitiveness of the turkey sector. More recently, the poultry sector has shown a growing concern for animal welfare issues such as foot pat dermatitis in turkeys. TECHNA experts had already explored the effects of lysine levels and amino acid balance from 0 to 48 days on growth performance and turkey welfare criteria.

The aim of this presentation is therefore to show the effects of two levels of lysine and energy on growth performances, animal welfare criteria and on slaughter results from 62 to 124 days. The originality of this study lies in the fact that a simulation based on these findings was made at the sector-wide scale of the turkey industry in France.

Should you want more information on this conference or a detailed account of our presentation, please contact our experts!

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