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ElensisⓇ is a product whose active ingredients have been carefully selected to optimise energy use for ruminants. 

For several years, the feed expertise company FEEDIA has been strengthening its investments in digital with the development of decision support tools already known under the brand name Wefe

The pigmentation of broilers used to be a sign of quality mainly in the south of France.

The concept of the sow-piglet bond developed by Feedia over several years covers a range of complementary themes.

The feed expertise company Feedia presents Wefeed ® for Poultry, a decision support tool available to their farm organization customers to help manage farm data.

Launched in autumn 2019, Easy Map ® Suckler cow Herd automatically collects and prioritizes farm data.

The feed expertise company Feedia By Techna continues to expand their pig platform for feed manufacturers.

The feed expertise  company Feedia by Techna has studied the feeding behaviour of fattening rabbits and is making new ration recommendations that factor in the variations in feed intake obs

In 2019, the TECHNA Group's feed expertise unit has become a fully-fledged brand in its own right named FEEDIA®.

Feedia®’s well-honed approach to reduce antibiotics on farms in pig, rabbit and poultry will take center stage at VIV’ASIA 2019.