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Optimise the technical and economic performance of broilers.


Aviance natural product for broilers performanceA natural solution to maximise performance

Thanks to the palatable, antioxidant and antibacterial properties of its components, AVIANCE® is designed to:

  • stimulate digestive functions,
  • help achieve a perfect balance of intestinal flora,
  • contribute to the increase of the intestinal absorption surfaces.





Aviance chart ratio H villosity/crypy depth duodenum broiler

Aviance diagram increase vilosity length broiler


Proven response reliability

AVIANCE®’s undeniable success is shown by rigorous tests of effectiveness validating its performance. These tests meet the TECHNA Group’s insistence that the product gives an ideal response in any production situation: with all types of strains, with nutritional choices and various profiles of raw materials, with various climates and a variety or rearing conditions, etc.

Aviance chart trials results growth improvement broilers     Aviance chart trials results adjusted fcr improvement broilers



AVIANCE® is an original formulation made with phenolic aromatic compounds. AVIANCE® also incorporates ideal protection for its constituents, thanks to an innovative technology that allows the targeted release of active substances with proven zootechnical effectiveness.

Direction For Use

For use throughout the rearing period for all meat type birds (chicken and turkey in particular). In a pre-mix form, it incorporates between 0,5 and 1,0 kg per tonne of feed, or directly in the premix.


Powder. Packaging in bags or big-bags.

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